Welcome to our online system quotation

How use it:
- Click on a categories on the left side or you can use the "+" icon at the end of the caterogie to choose an sub-caterories. 
- Now for each item you want inside a categories, enter the quantities needed and click on ADD; All Item added will be added to your quotation cart. You can see you quotation cart in the top-right conner of all pages.
- if you want you can simply use the search tool by simply type keyword; and search products inside all categories
- When you finished you quotation, click on "Quote" in the top right coner to view your quotation summary, you can review all your entry here and submitted you quotation; by entered all your address information and click on the "Save" button
- scroll down a little bit, you can see a case, where you can lists all productd you don't have find inside the catalog  
- Now click on the "I confirm my Quotation" button to submitted your quotation.


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